About Us

Sior socks was founded in 1978 and rapidly became one of the leading companies in Turkey for production and sales of a wide variety of high quality socks at the lowest possible prices. Hence Sior Socks is indeed one of the best production companies within the industry, which means we are able to cater to absolutely any kind of socks request. With a dedicated, successful management team and strong structure we are always prepared to comply with the constantly developing technology and considering the ever changing consumer trends.

We have worked relentlessly to continually improve our production and sales in order to consistently exceed our customer's expectations in every stage of our production from understanding our customers needs to strong communication all the way through to our delivery and after sales service. Our strong company ethic is to continue to provide the highest quality service to it's customers with the production, packaging and quality control system, which we are able to monitor at every stage of production with the operating system developed within the company.

Sior socks currently has an annual capacity of 14 million pairs and since 1999 80% of our production is being sold to our customers in Europe such as France, Italy,Holland,Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Greece.

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